Monday, August 15, 2011

jQuery tips & tricks

jQuery tips and tricks:-

I am new in jquery but there are several things i learnt during implementation of jQuery into projects ( MVC).

1. Disable vs Readonly:-
we can not send Disable controls value to server so for this purpose, we have readonly property and as it is the part of jQuery so it is control independent property.

2. each vs chaining

we have 2 option to associate a particular action to set of controls returned by selector
a) use Intrator method to assign action to each value or
$(".txtbxClass").each(function(index){ $(this).click(function (){ this.value+="txtbxClass";}););

b) we can use chaining and assign all actions in a single statement.
$(".txtbxClass").click(function (){ this.value+="txtbxClass";});
Both statement will work in similar way!!!!!!!!!!
but the second option is more clean code and easy to understand.


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