Friday, May 22, 2015

Enable Nuget packages in Visual Studio 2010

The NuGet is easier way to include dlls or other projects/utilities in your projects. If we aren't using it , in one way we are selecting some tough way to achieve something that can be implemented in straight forward way.

Open Visual studio in menu bar click on Tools-> Extension Manager

fig 1

It will open a new popup as shown below, In this popup you can see there isn't any Extension Manager installed. Once we install Nuget it will appear in this screen.

fig 2
Now we will do following steps:
1. Click on Online Gallery under Installed Extensions.
2. Type Nuget in search text box at right top corner
3. Now it will appear in middle area of window now click to Download.

fig 3
Now you will get another popup for installation read term and conditions and click on install.

fig 4

On completion of installation there will be a message box, close it.

fig 5

Once it get completed, Restart Visual Studio  you will able to see it under Installed Extensions.

fig 6

And its done. In next blog we will check how to use NuGet Package Manager.

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