Thursday, June 11, 2015

Reset or Normalize default User Code Stylesheet of Browser

Here i am going to talk about "User Code Style sheet". It is default style sheet of browser get applied on Dom elements if nothing is specified about how to handle elements appearance on page.


But it might get applied if the tags are not closed properly and will lead to different UI display.

Solution :

To resolve this issue we have 2 either to reset it or normalize stylesheet.

Reset CSS: (Get Reset Css)
Resets browsers defauts

Normalize CSS: 
Preserve useful browser defaults rather than erasing them. 
Normalize styles for a wide range of HTML elements.
Correct bugs and common browser inconsistencies. 
Improve usability with subtle improvements. 
Explain the code using comments and detailed documentation.

Note: Try to put it after all your style sheet to implement inherit property. 

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